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Rider Profile - Noah Hanagan

name? Noah Hanagan
date of birth? 09/04/93
place of birth? Red Bluff
ht? wt? 57", 130 lbs.

Tell us about your riding background, How long, how you started.
Noah:  I started riding primarily xc with my dad about 5 years ago. I then became interested in every type of riding/racing. I have done cyclocross, endurance races, xc races, super-d, duathalons, dh racing and dirt jumping. I feel that a wide variety of riding benefits my overall capabilities.

When, where, was your first MTB race?
I started with the shasta wintercross races a couple years ago in Shasta County.

Were you immediately a serious racer, or was there a turning point?
After my first cyclocross series, I had a major turning point. In my first xc race, the Shasta Lemurian, I got third overall in the beginner after being held up by miscommunications.

Describe your style, your strengths on a trail.
I feel I have many strengths. I have a lot of pedaling power from xc riding, I also love working the trails and pumping. I have recently been working on jumping and technical speed.

What cross training do you do? Other Sports?
I ride all year round with cyclocross and other races. I am also on the Shasta high school JV soccer team. I run and work out as much as possible.

Presently, what bikes are you running and why do you like or dislike them?
I am riding a Jamis dragon pro steel frame hard tail with a fox fork and XT and truvativ team components for xc, super-d, endurance events, and cyclocross. I love this bike for its overall speed and quality. I am riding a giant ac for dh and dirt jumping. This bike is good for some races but I am upgrading soon to a strict dh race bike.

Tell us about what your goals and plans were coming into the 2008 season?
I hope to maintain my position as xc state champion, to become dh state champion, I also want to start doing more short track races. I plan to these goals and more by training harder, riding farther and faster, cross training harder, eating healthily, and HAVING FUN.

What was your best result last year? explain Favorite course last year? Explain.
I feel my best results were in xc because I had many technical difficulties in dh. The state championship race was hard and fun and I am proud for sticking it out through the mud. My favorite course for dh was the bigfoot dh because the soil was tacky, and the weather was perfect. My favorite xc course was the humbolt hoedown because the scenery was unbeatable and it had a lot of flow.

Talk about competing in both xc and dh events, is it easy, harder, than you anticipated? Most difficult part?

I think that for me it is the only way to stay interested in biking. The variety always keeps me motivated. I think it is easier because training for xc also helps with dh and vise versa. The most difficult part is finding trails that can help with both aspects of racing and to keep variety of trails that I ride.

What are your goals for the coming season?
I want to improve all of my times at every single race. I hope to maintain my status as state champ and become dh state champ.

How have you prepared to meet these goals this offseason?
For sure. I am riding 40-mile rides with steep up hills, challenging down hills. I am staying healthy by drinking tea and eating proteins and pastas. I am also challenging my self physically outside of biking.

Which events are you focusing on this year and why?
I try not to focus on a specific event or two but rather on every race. I would like to prove my self at sea otter and spring thaw though. As well as doing better at team bigfoot series events and endurance events.

Outlook on racing at this time, what do you hope to achieve or get out of it in the coming years?
I hope to acquire some more sponsors that will benefit me and that I can establish a solid relationship with. I have found a solid group of friends that will push the limits of riding with me. I hope to enjoy my year and to stay healthy and avoid injury.

talk about some people who have helped you toward your progression over the years?
My dad and mom are the reason I can keep racing. I also thank my friends for riding with me. And my sponsors for providing me with what I need to keep riding. Especially Jamis Bikes who make beautiful bikes that are dialed out of the box. Also Gu energy gel for keeping me energized, sixsixone for protecting me and clothing me, utopia for keeping my eyes clean, and of course pirate dh for providing me with local support and advice.

advice for motivated juniors aiming race and progress?
I would say to just keep riding and having fun with your bike. its not about how many sponsors or getting first all of the time. So just keep having fun.